What is SA240 316L 2B Stainless sheets?

We export ASTM SA240 316L 2B,SA240 316L2B surface stainless steel, stainless sheets and cutting parts. The 316L surface 316L 2D/304 DF(316L 1/2H、316L 3/4H、316L H) 316L BA/2BB and 316L HL. The max width 1500mm, the max thickness 5mm in Cold rolled situation


SA240 316L 2B Stainless Steel are cold rolled and 2B Surface material. The main types of SS 316LL sheets are perforated sheets, Chequered plate, Shim sheet, Strips, Coils, Foils, Flats and Circles. ss 316L plates are produced by two manufacturing processes cold worked. The leading manufacturers in China Yongjin,TISCO and POSCO produce 316LL cold rolled sheets and SS 316LL HR Coils.

316L 2B refers to the surface of stainless steel, on behalf of the fog surface, also called 316L 2B fog surface, according to the figure. The 316L 2B surface stainless steel is soft, that is, the hardness of 316L HV(Vickers hardness) in 150-200 degrees. The order is 316L2B surface, matte surface, bright surface, 316LBA surface, 316L 6K, 316L 8K. is now a mirror.

316L2B surface is the fog surface, according to the figure, object, refers to a surface effect of stainless steel, in addition to 2B surface, 4K surface, mirror


Our production range: Thickness 0.1mm to 5mm, the width max 2000mm

SA240 316L 2B chemical data

SA240 316L 2B C Mn P S Si Cr Ni Mo
316L 2B % ≤0.08 ≤2.00 ≤0.045 ≤0.030 ≤0.75 16–18 10-14 2-3


SA240 316L 2B Property

Surface Tensile Mpa Yield Mpa Elongation% Elongation%
2B ≥515 ≥205 ≥40 50–60


Others Stainless production specification

Grade Surface Thickness Width
201 2D 0.1-0.5mm 10-640mm
301 2D/DF(1/2H、3/4H、H、EH、SEH) 0.05-1.0mm 10-1240mm
304 BA/2BB HL 0.1-1.0mm 10-1240mm
2D/DF(1/2H、3/4H、H) 0.05-1.0mm 10-1240mm
316/321 2BB 0.05-1.0mm 10-1240mm
316L/321 2D/DF(1/2H、3/4H、H) 0.05-1.0mm 10-1240mm
430 BA/2BB 0.1-1.5mm 10-1240mm
BA1 0.2-0.5mm 10-720mm
1D/2BD 0.1-1.5mm 10-1240mm
409/410S 1D/BA 0.1-1.5mm 10-1240mm
444 2D/DF(1/2H、H) 0.05-1.0mm 10-1240mm


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